Monday, April 9, 2012

Expanding my Horizons

So, I learned how to make hats fairly quickly. Now, I have added to my reportarie! Slippers! The first ones I made were these adorable dino booties!

Then, I made my niece & nephew some Santa slippers for Christmas.

Last week, I made OWLS! A friend in town ordered these 4 owl slippers for her daughter & 3 nieces. I posted them on my Facebook page, and instantly got 4 orders for them! I think I need to make myself a cute pair too :)

One thing I did make for myself was a skinny scarf! I love scarves, and now that it`s spring, I thought it was time to hang up my big, bulky scarves. Still needing that little extra for some outfits, I thought these would be a cute & fun way to jazz up some shirts!