Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some More Mohawks.

It`s Rider season here in Saskatchewan, so I have been making Rider hats like CRAZY! This is a brimmed hat with a mohawk, and then 2 more earflap mohawks, with different details.

These hot pink & black mohawks are for a mom & her daughter. How cute are they??
In getting ready for winter, a lot of moms have been ordering hats! Here is a sample of some of the recent ones I have done!

This bear is made with purple `fluff`, mixed with a strand of plain purple as well. It is very thick & warm! I think it`s adorable!

The owl is also made with `fluff`, this time in brown & black, double stranded with a matching brown. This guy is VERY popular!!

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey! A friend of mine is taking her 2 little boys to Disney this fall, & wanted something for evenings/nights when it`s cooler. What else do you wear to Disney but Mickey??

This penguin just screams winter to me! He`s so cute, & will be so warm & comfy!! My mother in law loves penquins, so I may have to make her one for Christmas!

Posh Clippies!

Here are some examples of the `Posh Clippes` I came up with! I plan to get some more seasonal ones made up, once I get to the city & buy some! Right now, I have Easter, Hallowen & fall, bugs/animals & stars.

Some Photography Props

Here are some more props!

I made this sweet little rosebud hat with some very soft, light pink yarn & then sewed on 2 rows of cream colored petals. Perfect for a newborn!

This fluffy cocoon is made with white mohair yarn, & I think it make an adorable prop for a winter baby!! It`s very soft, & doubled up with some basic white yarn to make it thicker.

This is my latest favorite hat! I love the colors (aqua blue, lime green & hot pink), and the little circles just make it fun!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swimming With Ideas!!

I was online last night & hit a jackpot of ideas for hats AND clippies!! I filled pages & pages of a notebook with ideas & now to find some guinea pigs!! Here is just a sample of ideas for you to consider!!

Oscar, Abby Cadabby, Zoe & Cookie Monster
Winnie the Pooh & friends (Tigger, Eyeore & Piglet)
Fall color ideas - brown & orange, brown cream green & orange, black & orange for Halloween
Candy Corn & Jack O`lanterns
PLUS more ideas for Christmas!!

I was playiing around with some embellishments I found in my scrap stash & came up with "Posh Clippies", fun little clips with a felt or wood embellishment glued onto them! Then I wondered if it would would with little crocheted embellishments (I am going to call them Bitties!) & came up TONS of ideas! Flowers, fruit, ladybugs, characters, the list is ENDLESS!

The crocheted bitties can also be sewn onto a hat, making for a cute option if you don`t want a flower!! Examples to come soon, as I gear up for fall/winter & try to get a bit of a basic hat stockpile going!! So many ideas are swimming through my head, I had to grab a notebook to make I don`t forget anything!! Keep watching for pictures, either here or on FB, I am hoping to get some posted today!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am A Hat Machine!

Hello all! I am still around, just busy busy making hats :) Sadly, my desktop, with my pictures, is dying a slow & painful death, making it next to impossible for me to upload pictures to my blog!! I keep trying, & hope to get some of my latest work up soon!!

This past weekend, I was in my first craft show, at Greenwater Lake! Art in the Park was a huge success, & I had lots of interest!! Now, I am just getting an order ready for an online store based out of Lloydminster, & staying on top of other hat orders as well. Thanks for reading along :) And hopefully, pictures will come soon!!