Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tutu Too Cute!

Here are some tutus I have made recently, with matching butterfly clippies. These are perfect for photos, or even just for dressup!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The NHL Collection

We are HUGE hockey fans in our house. We watch it, play it, read about it, BREATHE it. These hats are in the team colors & are great for the cold rink!!

The Montreal Canadiens.

The Calgary Flames.

The Edmonton Oilers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Oilers mohawk & Oilers granny with flower.

The Pittsburgh Pengins mohawk.

The Garden Collection

Little garden critters are cute, unless they are actually in your garden! These harmless guys are too cute, & are the ones you want around!!

The Sock Monkey Collection

I had a stuffed Sock Monkey when I was little & loved it. Then, one day while looking online, I saw a hat! So, I decided to try one & well, yeah. It was the cutest hat I have seen in a LONG time!! Then I decided to play around little bit, & came up with a couple variations, including a girly one, complete with a flower!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

An Update & A Giveaway!

Hey all!! Sorry I haven`t posted, the boys started hockey the day after Thanksgiving so we have been busy running to the rink 5 times a week!!

I am still crocheting away, & have created some new hats! I will soon be posting a pig, a unicorn & some team mohawks!

Also, if you are in the Tisdale area, stop by Fas Gas & check out my team colored hats! They currently have some Roughriders hats & some NHL team ones (Canadian teams).

I am gearing up for some trade shows! Sylvania is having a mini trade show this Saturday, October 20. Stop by & find me at the Partylite booth (thank you, Sara!).

The Tisdale Home Based Business Fair is coming up fast as well! You can find me at the Golden Age Center here in town, on November 13, 10am - 7pm!

And finally, the Kinette`s Club Craft Show is being held November 26 & 27. The 26th is Moonlight Madness, so shopping hours are extended to 11pm. Come by the Civic Center!!!

Are you interested in winning a hat of your choice? Check out Tara Robertson (formerly from Tisdale, she is the wife of the man who used to be the Pastor at the Tisdale Alliance Church) & her blog, Tara`s View of The World to enter to win one of my adorable custom hats!!

And now, back to the hat making before I head to bed!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hockey Mohawks

Well, hockey is about to take over our household! The boys start their house league (aka the Tisdale Ramblers) on October 12 (Anson) & October 13 (Ryden). I have already made Ryden a mohawk hat for his team, & need to make Anson one. I also need to make them hats in their AAA team colors. The Mohawks are perfect for hockey teams! Very fun & they look great too! I can easily make them for you favorite team as well! The boys have been giving away mohawk hats as birthday gifts (we have been to 10 parties since school started!!), & ALL of the kids love them! We have done Rambler ones, Calgary Flames, & the Oilers (the favorite in our house!). I have also given away a Roughrider one as well. Email me today to order your hockey allstar a team mohawk!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tisdale Home Based Business Fair!

Hey all! A friend of mine has decided, in time for the holiday season, to start up an annual business fair. It will consist of all home based businesses, such as Scentsy, Epicure, Lia Sophia Jewellery, Heritage Makers, the list goes on & on! She has asked me to set up a table as well! I am so excited!! I thought I`d pass along the info to all of you, in case anyone is in the Tisdale area in November :)

The fair is being held at the Tisdale Civic Center on main street. The date is Saturday, November 13, & will run from 10am, until 7pm. Stop by & get a good start on all of your Christmas shopping, & come by to say hi!!

Also, on Saturday, October 9th, there will be a Baby Crawl/Toddler Run in the Melfort Mall. I have donated 4 gift certificates as prizes, & have also rented a table, along with my friend who is a Heritage Makers consultant. If you would like to register for the baby crawl, toddler run, or cutie contest, please let me know & I can pass along the registration info. Again, hope to see you there!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Round of Animals

This Winnie The Pooh hat is SO soft!! It is 2 strands of yarn, some regular stuff mixed with some blouce. It`s also very warm!!

An adorable mouse in grey and dark pink.

Ribbit!! An adorable hat for your little froggie guy! I wish my boys were smaller so they would wear this one!

Another fuzyy bear, with earflaps and some cute crocheted buttons for embellishment. This hat is also 2 strands, & very warm!

Pompoms With Pizzazz!

This is a very soft hat, in chocolate brown & baby clue.

This lavendar & purple pompom has some extra oomph added to it, with the cute little crochet buttons on the front.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some More Mohawks.

It`s Rider season here in Saskatchewan, so I have been making Rider hats like CRAZY! This is a brimmed hat with a mohawk, and then 2 more earflap mohawks, with different details.

These hot pink & black mohawks are for a mom & her daughter. How cute are they??
In getting ready for winter, a lot of moms have been ordering hats! Here is a sample of some of the recent ones I have done!

This bear is made with purple `fluff`, mixed with a strand of plain purple as well. It is very thick & warm! I think it`s adorable!

The owl is also made with `fluff`, this time in brown & black, double stranded with a matching brown. This guy is VERY popular!!

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey! A friend of mine is taking her 2 little boys to Disney this fall, & wanted something for evenings/nights when it`s cooler. What else do you wear to Disney but Mickey??

This penguin just screams winter to me! He`s so cute, & will be so warm & comfy!! My mother in law loves penquins, so I may have to make her one for Christmas!

Posh Clippies!

Here are some examples of the `Posh Clippes` I came up with! I plan to get some more seasonal ones made up, once I get to the city & buy some! Right now, I have Easter, Hallowen & fall, bugs/animals & stars.

Some Photography Props

Here are some more props!

I made this sweet little rosebud hat with some very soft, light pink yarn & then sewed on 2 rows of cream colored petals. Perfect for a newborn!

This fluffy cocoon is made with white mohair yarn, & I think it make an adorable prop for a winter baby!! It`s very soft, & doubled up with some basic white yarn to make it thicker.

This is my latest favorite hat! I love the colors (aqua blue, lime green & hot pink), and the little circles just make it fun!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swimming With Ideas!!

I was online last night & hit a jackpot of ideas for hats AND clippies!! I filled pages & pages of a notebook with ideas & now to find some guinea pigs!! Here is just a sample of ideas for you to consider!!

Oscar, Abby Cadabby, Zoe & Cookie Monster
Winnie the Pooh & friends (Tigger, Eyeore & Piglet)
Fall color ideas - brown & orange, brown cream green & orange, black & orange for Halloween
Candy Corn & Jack O`lanterns
PLUS more ideas for Christmas!!

I was playiing around with some embellishments I found in my scrap stash & came up with "Posh Clippies", fun little clips with a felt or wood embellishment glued onto them! Then I wondered if it would would with little crocheted embellishments (I am going to call them Bitties!) & came up TONS of ideas! Flowers, fruit, ladybugs, characters, the list is ENDLESS!

The crocheted bitties can also be sewn onto a hat, making for a cute option if you don`t want a flower!! Examples to come soon, as I gear up for fall/winter & try to get a bit of a basic hat stockpile going!! So many ideas are swimming through my head, I had to grab a notebook to make I don`t forget anything!! Keep watching for pictures, either here or on FB, I am hoping to get some posted today!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Am A Hat Machine!

Hello all! I am still around, just busy busy making hats :) Sadly, my desktop, with my pictures, is dying a slow & painful death, making it next to impossible for me to upload pictures to my blog!! I keep trying, & hope to get some of my latest work up soon!!

This past weekend, I was in my first craft show, at Greenwater Lake! Art in the Park was a huge success, & I had lots of interest!! Now, I am just getting an order ready for an online store based out of Lloydminster, & staying on top of other hat orders as well. Thanks for reading along :) And hopefully, pictures will come soon!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Stork Pouch/Hammock

This is a Stork Pouch! It is a very adorable photo prop!! An off camera assistant (usually mom or dad) holds up the end out of the camera's lens, and the baby snuggles down in the little pouch. The result? The cutest little baby photo!!

This can also be used as a hammock for a baby. The flat end is long enough to tie to 2 ends, creating a little siesta spot & the perfect newborn photo!! I don't have photos of the stork pouch/hammock in action, but I will post them once I get some!

This will hold babies up to 13 pounds! I tested it on my cat (hehe), & she is 12 pounds, so she fit nicely into the pouch, as much as she hated it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Most Popular Granny!

In the custom work I have done, the most popular for little girls (and mommies alike!) has been the Granny. The hat is "hole-y", but you can add a cuff, a brim, stripes, flowers, buttons, scalloped edges, it's endless!! I have done solid colored hats, hats with 2 strips of another color, mutli-colored, really, whatever your heart desires!! Here is a small sampling of some of the Granny hats.