Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Most Popular Granny!

In the custom work I have done, the most popular for little girls (and mommies alike!) has been the Granny. The hat is "hole-y", but you can add a cuff, a brim, stripes, flowers, buttons, scalloped edges, it's endless!! I have done solid colored hats, hats with 2 strips of another color, mutli-colored, really, whatever your heart desires!! Here is a small sampling of some of the Granny hats.


  1. These are adorable Robyn! Have you heard of Etsy? You'd probably do well to open a site there too. Its all about hand made items!

    Keep up the good work! I'd love to learn how to make these. In the meantime I'm adding you to my blog roll so you can get some more traffic :) You should create a contact section too. Just suggestions :)

    You're Friend,

  2. Thanks Vanessa :D I have thought about Etsy, but I`m always worried my stuff isn`t `good enough`, which I know is a crazy thought, but still! Maybe this fall I will open an Etsy store :D Once the boys are in school full time perhaps? And yes, I definitely need a contact info spot!! I also need to update it with some fun & cute things I have made recently!! And thanks for adding me to your blogroll, that is fabulous!!