Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The NHL Collection

We are HUGE hockey fans in our house. We watch it, play it, read about it, BREATHE it. These hats are in the team colors & are great for the cold rink!!

The Montreal Canadiens.

The Calgary Flames.

The Edmonton Oilers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs.

Oilers mohawk & Oilers granny with flower.

The Pittsburgh Pengins mohawk.

The Garden Collection

Little garden critters are cute, unless they are actually in your garden! These harmless guys are too cute, & are the ones you want around!!

The Sock Monkey Collection

I had a stuffed Sock Monkey when I was little & loved it. Then, one day while looking online, I saw a hat! So, I decided to try one & well, yeah. It was the cutest hat I have seen in a LONG time!! Then I decided to play around little bit, & came up with a couple variations, including a girly one, complete with a flower!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

An Update & A Giveaway!

Hey all!! Sorry I haven`t posted, the boys started hockey the day after Thanksgiving so we have been busy running to the rink 5 times a week!!

I am still crocheting away, & have created some new hats! I will soon be posting a pig, a unicorn & some team mohawks!

Also, if you are in the Tisdale area, stop by Fas Gas & check out my team colored hats! They currently have some Roughriders hats & some NHL team ones (Canadian teams).

I am gearing up for some trade shows! Sylvania is having a mini trade show this Saturday, October 20. Stop by & find me at the Partylite booth (thank you, Sara!).

The Tisdale Home Based Business Fair is coming up fast as well! You can find me at the Golden Age Center here in town, on November 13, 10am - 7pm!

And finally, the Kinette`s Club Craft Show is being held November 26 & 27. The 26th is Moonlight Madness, so shopping hours are extended to 11pm. Come by the Civic Center!!!

Are you interested in winning a hat of your choice? Check out Tara Robertson (formerly from Tisdale, she is the wife of the man who used to be the Pastor at the Tisdale Alliance Church) & her blog, Tara`s View of The World to enter to win one of my adorable custom hats!!

And now, back to the hat making before I head to bed!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hockey Mohawks

Well, hockey is about to take over our household! The boys start their house league (aka the Tisdale Ramblers) on October 12 (Anson) & October 13 (Ryden). I have already made Ryden a mohawk hat for his team, & need to make Anson one. I also need to make them hats in their AAA team colors. The Mohawks are perfect for hockey teams! Very fun & they look great too! I can easily make them for you favorite team as well! The boys have been giving away mohawk hats as birthday gifts (we have been to 10 parties since school started!!), & ALL of the kids love them! We have done Rambler ones, Calgary Flames, & the Oilers (the favorite in our house!). I have also given away a Roughrider one as well. Email me today to order your hockey allstar a team mohawk!!!