Friday, October 1, 2010

Hockey Mohawks

Well, hockey is about to take over our household! The boys start their house league (aka the Tisdale Ramblers) on October 12 (Anson) & October 13 (Ryden). I have already made Ryden a mohawk hat for his team, & need to make Anson one. I also need to make them hats in their AAA team colors. The Mohawks are perfect for hockey teams! Very fun & they look great too! I can easily make them for you favorite team as well! The boys have been giving away mohawk hats as birthday gifts (we have been to 10 parties since school started!!), & ALL of the kids love them! We have done Rambler ones, Calgary Flames, & the Oilers (the favorite in our house!). I have also given away a Roughrider one as well. Email me today to order your hockey allstar a team mohawk!!!

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