Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Stork Pouch/Hammock

This is a Stork Pouch! It is a very adorable photo prop!! An off camera assistant (usually mom or dad) holds up the end out of the camera's lens, and the baby snuggles down in the little pouch. The result? The cutest little baby photo!!

This can also be used as a hammock for a baby. The flat end is long enough to tie to 2 ends, creating a little siesta spot & the perfect newborn photo!! I don't have photos of the stork pouch/hammock in action, but I will post them once I get some!

This will hold babies up to 13 pounds! I tested it on my cat (hehe), & she is 12 pounds, so she fit nicely into the pouch, as much as she hated it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Most Popular Granny!

In the custom work I have done, the most popular for little girls (and mommies alike!) has been the Granny. The hat is "hole-y", but you can add a cuff, a brim, stripes, flowers, buttons, scalloped edges, it's endless!! I have done solid colored hats, hats with 2 strips of another color, mutli-colored, really, whatever your heart desires!! Here is a small sampling of some of the Granny hats.

Baby Bands & Hair Clippies.

Here are some cute accessories for your little girl!! I have made more Baby Bands, but again, in my excitement to give them to the customer, I forget to take pictures!! The baby in the adorable tutu is my niece Harper (with her Auntie Robyn!), she is wearing a cute pink, yellow & white Baby Band. The tutu (without or without matching Baby Band) would also be an adorable photo prop, for either newborns, or for a birthday shoot.

Clippies are a cute way to dress up babies as well. My other niece, Savannah, wearing the yellow outfit with the yellow clippie, doesn't have much hair, but the clippies are easy to put in & stay very well!! Her momma (my sister) loved the clippies so much, she almost cleaned out my stockpile!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photography Props

I have made some photography props, including diaper covers & cocoons with matching hats. I've also crocheted some adorable pompom hats, which look stunning on newborns!! Sadly, I keep forgetting to take pictures, so I only have 1 photo of a pompom hat :( Soon I will have more though!!

Show Off Some Team Spirit, Or Rock The 'Hawk!

The Mohawk is the perfect way to show team spirit, and I have made MANY Rider 'Hawk hats!! I've also made a brimmed beanie with a mohawk on it in lime green & black. For other team color options, I have made a brimmed beanie in Rider colors, & a granny with a brim & 3 layer flower in Oiler colors (to match an older brother's Oilers mohawk). I've also done a Baby Band in Rider colors.

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!!!

Animals are VERY popular hats!! I have made a few, with great results! Here are some examples of animals I have done!

Some of My Work

Let's catch everyone up on hats I've made to date!! These include team colors (for local hockey teams, NHL teams & CFL teams), animal hats (that list is endless & will require a post of it's own!), character hats (Elmo & Hello Kitty), seasonal hats (Easter Bunny for spring, snowmen for winter, etc), and, always, custom work, where the customer chooses hat style, embellisments (flower, bow, earflaps, mohawk, brim, the list really is endless) & color.

I've also created Baby Bands, which are headbands with large, 4 layer flowers attached & just recently, started making hair clippies. Another thing I make is photography props! I've made a few cocoons with matching hats, & cocoon bags as well. I was recently asked about hammocks/slings & will be learning how to do that in the near future.

I plan on labelling each post with hats in it, so that if you are interested in a certain style of hat, it will be a quick & easy find, instead of digging through pages upon pages of babble :D Because that's another thing I do best, babble on!!

And on that note, let's start adding pictures!!!

Hello & Welcome!!!!

Welcome to my blog :D I started crocheting adorable hats for my nieces, nephews & 2 boys, and it has grown from there!! Stay tuned as I update pictures of hats I have made, or check out my link on Facebook, Beyond Top
Thanks for looking!!