Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some of My Work

Let's catch everyone up on hats I've made to date!! These include team colors (for local hockey teams, NHL teams & CFL teams), animal hats (that list is endless & will require a post of it's own!), character hats (Elmo & Hello Kitty), seasonal hats (Easter Bunny for spring, snowmen for winter, etc), and, always, custom work, where the customer chooses hat style, embellisments (flower, bow, earflaps, mohawk, brim, the list really is endless) & color.

I've also created Baby Bands, which are headbands with large, 4 layer flowers attached & just recently, started making hair clippies. Another thing I make is photography props! I've made a few cocoons with matching hats, & cocoon bags as well. I was recently asked about hammocks/slings & will be learning how to do that in the near future.

I plan on labelling each post with hats in it, so that if you are interested in a certain style of hat, it will be a quick & easy find, instead of digging through pages upon pages of babble :D Because that's another thing I do best, babble on!!

And on that note, let's start adding pictures!!!

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