Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Stork Pouch/Hammock

This is a Stork Pouch! It is a very adorable photo prop!! An off camera assistant (usually mom or dad) holds up the end out of the camera's lens, and the baby snuggles down in the little pouch. The result? The cutest little baby photo!!

This can also be used as a hammock for a baby. The flat end is long enough to tie to 2 ends, creating a little siesta spot & the perfect newborn photo!! I don't have photos of the stork pouch/hammock in action, but I will post them once I get some!

This will hold babies up to 13 pounds! I tested it on my cat (hehe), & she is 12 pounds, so she fit nicely into the pouch, as much as she hated it!

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