Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Bands & Hair Clippies.

Here are some cute accessories for your little girl!! I have made more Baby Bands, but again, in my excitement to give them to the customer, I forget to take pictures!! The baby in the adorable tutu is my niece Harper (with her Auntie Robyn!), she is wearing a cute pink, yellow & white Baby Band. The tutu (without or without matching Baby Band) would also be an adorable photo prop, for either newborns, or for a birthday shoot.

Clippies are a cute way to dress up babies as well. My other niece, Savannah, wearing the yellow outfit with the yellow clippie, doesn't have much hair, but the clippies are easy to put in & stay very well!! Her momma (my sister) loved the clippies so much, she almost cleaned out my stockpile!!

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