Monday, January 16, 2012

Photog Perk

If you are a photographer, pay attention! I have come up with a fabulous way to increase traffic for us both! AND, you will be rewarded with free Beyond Top items!!

I will be creating a photo album for photographers who have bought (and used!) props from Beyond Top. If you are willing to "give" me your photos using an item made by me, I`m going to give you hats! For every 2 photos you let me use in my album, you will get a $15 credit towards an item from me! There are, as always, rules we all need to follow, so here they are!
- Prop in photo MUST be made by me.

- I ask for a smaller watermark, & then I will link to you (either personal FB page, or if you have a website, whichever you`d prefer, or both).

- You are able to "save up" your credits, however, you are only able to get 2 credits a month ($30/month).

- All overages, including shipping, must be paid through Paypal before your item is created and/or shipped.

- Please email your photos to

If you are interested, let me know! Thank you for shopping at Beyond Top!!


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