Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ethan`s Hat Update

Well! I have been one busy little bee!! I unveiled Ethan`s Hat to roarinig response! In one week, I got orders for 30 owls! THIRTY!! You are all so amazing, to help me support such an amazing cause!!

Our current total donation from Beyond Top is $150! And with Ethan`s mom & dad matching my donation, a grand total of $300 has been collected so far!

Remember, $5 from each Ethan`s Hat will be donated, no matter when it is purchased. Seven days from now, 7 months, 7 years, it does not matter. A donation will be made! This is not a one month promotion, just like the hospital is not a one time need.

Even after the hospital opens, it will continue to require donations to help buy new medical equipment, and supplies neccessary to help these children and their families.

Ethan`s Hat will forever be my symbol of hope for all of the children in Saskatchewan that need this hospital, and I will continute to do what I can to help raise money to get this hospital up & running!

Thank you all so much for helping me by purchasing Ethan`s Hat!

1 comment:

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